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Affordable Auto A/C Air Conditioning In San Antonio, TX

AC Problems? Discount Auto AC Repair Service San Antonio TX

Got AC Problems? When something goes wrong with your car or trucks air conditioning system driving can become unpleasant. Sergeant Clutch offers Discount Prices on Car & Truck Auto Air Conditioning Repair Service. Our Certified A/C Mechanics are ready to fix any Air Conditioner problem.

The A/C is usually the first thing you adjust when you turn on your vehicle. The temperature inside your vehicle can be up to 30 degrees hotter than the outside temperature. Sergeant Clutch wants you, our valued customer, to be happy and cool so we offer Affordable Auto Air Conditioning Repair Services year-round.

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SERGEANT CLUTCH saves you money on the following:

  • Acura AC Repair
  • Audi AC Repair
  • BMW AC Repair
  • Buick AC Repair
  • Cadillac AC Repair
  • Chevy AC Repair
  • Chrysler AC Repair
  • Dodge AC Repair
  • Eagle AC Repair
  • Ford AC Repair
  • Geo AC Repair
  • GMC AC Repair
  • Honda AC Repair
  • Hummer AC Repair
  • Hyundai AC Repair
  • Infiniti AC Repair
  • Isuzu AC Repair
  • Jaguar AC Repair
  • Jeep AC Repair
  • Kia AC Repair
  • Land Rover AC Repair
  • Lexus AC Repair
  • Lincoln AC Repair
  • Mazda AC Repair
  • Mercedes AC Repair
  • Mercury AC Repair
  • Mini Cooper AC Repair
  • Mitsubishi AC Repair
  • Nissan AC Repair
  • Oldsmobile AC Repair
  • Plymouth AC Repair
  • Pontiac AC Repair
  • Saturn AC Repair
  • Scion AC Repair
  • Subaru AC Repair
  • Suzuki AC Repair
  • Toyota AC Repair
  • Volkswagen AC Repair
  • Volvo AC Repair

A/C Air Conditioning Performance Check

Sergeant Clutch's A/C Mechanic will perform a complete Air Conditioning System evaluation to properly diagnose your air conditioner cooling problem. The A/C Performance Check includes:

    • Check and Adjust AC Belt
    • Check and Clean Fins on Radiator
    • Check and Clean Fins on AC Condenser
    • Check Air Conditioner Hoses
    • Check Vacuum Control Lines
    • Check Electrical Connections
    • Check AC Compressor Hardware
    • Check Duct Outlet Temperature
    • Check System Pressures
    • Test Low Pressure Cut Out Switch
    • Check For Freon Leaks

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San Antonio Air Conditioning Repair Company offer Auto AC Repair Service - Sergeant Clutch Discount Auto Air Conditioning Repair Shop in San Antonio, TX - AC Check

AC Service - AC Repair - San Antonio Air Conditioning Repair Service - Sergeant Clutch Discount Auto AC Repair Service San Antonio Texas

Air Conditioning System Evacuation & Recharge

Sergeant Clutch offers Professional Auto A/C Air Conditioning Recharge Service. This A/C Service ensures proper refrigerant recovery through evacuation, fill and recharge with new freon refrigerant. After the AC Recharge Service is complete it will bring your automobiles a/c cooling system back to original performance.

AC Cooling System Evacuation & Recharge includes:

  • A/C Performance Check
  • Evacuation of Old AC Freon Refrigerant
  • Recharge AC Refrigerant
  • Inspection and adjustment Drive Belt Tension
  • Clean Condenser Fins

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Auto A/C Retrofit Service

If you drive an older car or truck chances are your A/C system uses R-12 Freon. The problem with R-12 Freon is the cost. Thankfully there is an R-12 Freon replacement known as R-134a. In order to switch over from R-12 Freon to R-134a requires an AC Retrofit Service. Sergeant Clutch offers Affordable AC Retrofit Services for all cars and trucks.

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